METAL ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY EXPERIENCE KITAMURA METEK is a leading company in surface treatment technology that has been established for over 100 years.
METEK initials are M: Metal, E: Electronics, T: Technology, E: Experience, K: Kitamura.
In addition, we have a desire to aim for further leaps by making use of the technology and experience of metal surface treatment that we have cultivated so far.
Management philosophy
Company credo
The “Company credo” contains the belief that should be taken over permanently.
We will ensure that all employees thoroughly implement this “Company credo” and provide everyone with high quality service and products.
  • Sincerity
    Deal with people and things with sincerity.
  • Proactive and enterprising
    Always seek evolution and actively challenge difficult things.
  • Harmony
    Knowing that people are being kept alive, we recognize, respect, and cooperate with others.
Basic policy
Gathering creativity, making better products as a motto, making a concerted effort, contributing to society, enriching our living environment, and enhancing intelligence.
Behavioral guidelines
In order to meet the changing needs of customers, METEK Co., Ltd. has set up the following items as action guidelines.
  • Respond to customer trust with superior quality and technology
  • Challenge new technology every day
  • Strive to have a richness in mind
  • Take action in consideration of the conservation of the global environment
  • Keep improving our skills
Code of Conduct

The METEK Group establishes the “METEK Group Code of Conduct” in compliance with the “RBA (Responsible Business Alliance, formerly EICC : Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition) Code of Conduct”.
This promotes that the safe working environment and respectful treatment of workers in the industry to which the METEK group and its customers belong and their supply chains are maintained, and further environmental responsibility is fulfilled while the work is conducted ethically.

  • A. Labor The company supports workers’ human rights and treats them with dignity and respect so they can be understood by the international community. This applies to all workers, including temporary workers, migrant workers, students, contract workers, direct employers and workers in other working forms.
  • B. Health and safety In addition to minimizing occupational injuries and illnesses, the company’s safe and hygienic work environment improves product and service quality, manufacturing consistency, and worker retention and motivation. I understand that I am.
  • C. Environment The company recognizes that environmental responsibility is essential to the production of world-class products based on a management system such as ISO 14001, and in manufacturing operations, protects the public health and safety while maintaining local, environmental and natural resources. To minimize adverse events.
  • D. Ethics To fulfill social responsibility and achieve market success, the company and its agents support the highest standards of ethics, including.
  • E. Management system The company shall adopt or establish a management system related to the content of this Code. The management system aims to ensure the following: (A) compliance with applicable laws, regulations and customer requirements relating to company operations and products, (b) compliance with the Code and (c) identification and mitigation of operational risks associated with the Code. Through these, we will make continuous improvements.
METEK Group Code of Conduct
President and CEO Takayuki Kitamura
Aiming for the world’s best quality!
Since its establishment in 1918, METEK has continued to pursue the possibility of electroplating and has developed various surface treatment technologies.
We have expanded the field to electronic components and semiconductors for industrial equipment, consumer equipment, aircraft, and automobiles, and in surface treatment in the field of electronics, especially semiconductors, there have been many technological developments that have become the de facto standard in the industry.
Efforts to streamline production
We challenge to streamline production, develop fully automated plating equipment, promote line automation, and provide users with the design technology for such plants to promote sharing of technology assets.
Technology globalization
We have expanded our domestic and overseas bases and built an information network to respond promptly to a wide range of requests as the METEK Group, based on the concept of “providing the most appropriate technology at the point where needs arise”.
Research on electroplating technology
Based on the unique technology of electroplating (gold, silver, copper, tin, zinc, etc.), we are strengthening a seeds-oriented R&D system under the theme of “application technology development for electronic devices”. Through the research, we have already achieved results in precision PCB boards, surface treatment processing for heat sink of LSIs, and application technologies for image sensors.
Challenge to the possibility of being unknown
We will further expand the fields of technology related to electronics, information devices and the environment, and continue to support the user’s technological development from the side. In the future, METEK will realize the possibility of being unknown , through a creative technology that opens up the micro world.
President and CEO
Takayuki Kitamura
After graduating from Doshisha University’s engineering department in 1983, he joined Kitamura Mekki Co., Ltd. in 1986 after working for Nippon Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. (currently ULVAC, Inc.).
Worked in Singapore and Malaysia in May of the same year. After returning to Japan in 1991, he served as a director and executive director, and became president and CEO in 2001.
He lead the way by integrating domestic subsidiaries and establishing the Tokushima Plant, and will focused on solidifying the foundation for next-generation growth.
In addition to serving as president of group companies such as METEK KITAMURA (THAILAND) CO., LTD. and METEK KITAMURA (MALAYSIA) SDN., BHD., he also serves as the deputy director and Technical chairperson for the Kyoto Prefecture Plating Industry Association.
Company Profile
Company name METEK CO., LTD.
Head office location 32, Warada-cho, Kamitoba, Minami-ku, Kyoto 601-8133, Japan
Board of Directors
President and CEO Takayuki Kitamura
Director Kiyoshi Takayama
Director Hideyuki Maeda
Auditor (Certified tax accountant) Kyoko Ohashi
Founded in 1918
Established in 1950
Capital 97 million yen
Customer Domestic semiconductor, electronic parts and automotive industrial equipment manufacturers, etc.
Main business Lead frame for semiconductor parts such as discrete, opto and LSI Surface treatment such as functional plating for metal parts and precision instrument parts
Organization chart Organization chart
Access 3 min on foot from Kintetsu Kyoto Line Kamitobaguchi Station
15 min on foot from Kyoto City Subway Karasuma Line Kuinabashi Station
Founded as a private company of Kitamura Wazo, in Sanjo, Kyoto-city
Factory moved to Yamato Ohji Gojo, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto- city
Established Kitamura Plating Industrial Factory with capital of 200,000 yen
Received technical instruction the ” Copper plating combined method ” from Dr. Rihei Tomono.
Became a MIL-certified factory of the Defense Agency
Built and started operation of a new plant in Kamitoba, Minami-ku, Kyoto City
Became a JIS(Japan Industrial Standard) display plant
Reorganized a corporate organization and launched Kitamura Mekki Co., Ltd.
Completed Kagoshima plant and started operation
Joint development with MITANI SHINDO Co., Ltd. (acquired patent for rolled copper strip material platron with Ag)
Developed partial plating equipment for gold and silver and continuous partial plating equipment (patented)
Established Singapore (Kitamura) Pte., Ltd., and started factory operation
Built Gunma Plant in Shin-machi, Tano-gun, Gunma, and started operation
Co-invested with MITANI SHINDO Co., Ltd. and established Kitami-elektro Co., Ltd
Co-invested with Kobe Steel, Ltd. and established Leadmikk Co., Ltd
The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency designated the “Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Streamlining Model Factory”
Kitako Electronics Sdn., Bhd. started operation in Malaysia
Gunma MK Co., Ltd. established Hokkaido Sapporo Plant and started operation
Kagoshima MK Co., Ltd. Established Miyazaki plant in Ebino city, Miyazaki, and started operation
Changed the name of Kitamura Mekki Co., Ltd. to METEK KITAMURA CO., LTD.
Changed the name of Kitako Electronics Co., Ltd. to METEK KITAMURA (MALAYSIA) SDN., BHD.
Built Hokkai Plant of METEK KITAMURA CO., LTD. in Eniwa-city, Hokkaido, and absorbed the Gunma MK Sapporo Plant and started operation
Started operation of METEK KITAMURA (THAILAND) CO., LTD. in Thailand
Aquired Eco-Kyoto 21 (Global Warming Prevention / CO2 Reduction Facility) Certification
Concluded Joint research agreement “Information Electronic Device Advanced and Alloy Technology Development” with three private companies
Started joint development of “Next Generation Technology” with the Kyoto Institute of Advanced Technology
Completed Tokushima Plant, METEK CO., LTD. in Awa-city, Tokushima
METEK CO., LTD. merged Metek Kyushu Co., Ltd. and Metek Kanto Co., Ltd.
100th anniversary of foundation
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