Inspection equipment introduction
  • X-ray fluorescence film thickness meter
    X-ray fluorescence film thickness meter
    Specification FT150H (made by Hitachi High-Tech Science Co., Ltd.), top vertical irradiation method
    Application Measurement of plating thickness on metal material, simplified spectrum analysis (Qualitative analysis), measuring thin film plating of minute parts with high accuracy
  • X-ray fluorescence analyzer
    X-ray fluorescence analyzer
    Specification SEA 1200 VX (made by SII Nano Technology Co., Ltd.)
    Application Measurement of elements contained in products
  • Micro-spectral colorimeter
    Micro-spectral colorimeter
    Specification VAA-400 (made by Nippon Denshoku Industries Co., Ltd.) all wavelength simultaneous compensation method
    Application Measurement of glossiness of plated surface, measurement of spectral reflectance and spectral transmittance
  • Image measuring instrument
    Image measuring instrument
    Specification QVH1-X302P1L-C (made by Mitutoyo Corporation), transmission and reflection type
    Application XYZ measurement, plating area automatic measurement, cut dimension automatic measurement
  • Solder checker
    Solder checker
    Specification SAT-5100 (made by RHESCA Co., LTD.), measurement of buoyancy and surface tension
    Application Evaluation of solderability
  • Scanning electron microscope, energy dispersive X-ray analyzer
    Scanning electron microscope, energy dispersive X-ray analyzer
    Specification S-3400N (made by Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation), EMAX ENERGY EX-250 (made by Horiba, Ltd.)
    Application Enables observation of plated particles, analysis of defective products, observation at low to high magnifications, and elemental analysis with EDX
  • ICP emission analyzer
    ICP emission analyzer
    Specification SPS3500 (made by Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation)
    Application Measurement of metal concentration in plating solution, measurement of impurities, measurement of metal concentration in drainage
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