[Pd] Palladium plating
[Pd] Palladium plating
The palladium plating is used in semiconductor lead frame as Pd-PPF(Palladium Pre Plated Leadframe), when the palladium plating is plated for an IC product, the solder plating process in the assembly process can be omitted.
The palladium plating is usually used as three layer plating of Ni-Pd-Au.
The palladium plating functions as a diffusion barrier of nickel and by thinning of gold plating thickness, achieve a cost reduction and a good wire bondability, a good solderability.
It have the appearance of silver color and can be manufactured easily.
Dental treatment materials
For jewelry
Catalyst material
Plating example by METEK
Plating for LED lead frame
Bits of knowledge
By applying Pd layer plating. Can reduce Au plating to nano thickness. Thus can reduce plating cost.
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