[Au] Gold plating
[Au] Gold plating
Gold plating is used not only for decoration but also for the electronics industry and aerospace technology field. Since gold is very expensive, it is required to reduce the thickness and to improve the accuracy of selective partial plating in order to reduce costs.
Gold plating is characterized by good corrosion resistance because it is chemically stable and does not oxidize. It is also excellent in electrical and thermal conductivity, ductility, bondability and solderability. It is also possible to make it hard by alloying it with other metals.
Decorative plating for jewelry, fountain pens, watches and eyeglass frames. Industrial applications for various electrical contacts, terminals, connector pins, lead frames, ICs, and various electrical circuit parts in the electronics field.
Plating example by METEK
Partial gold plating on semiconductor lead frame.
Gold plating on terminals and pins (contact parts, medical equipment parts).
Bits of knowledge
Gold and copper alloys (pink gold) and gold and nickel alloys (green gold) are often used in jewelry such as watches.
Pure gold is used for implant parts and some surgical instruments, as it does not cause a rejection response when placed in living body.
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