[Cu] Copper plating
Cu  Copper plating
Copper is not much used decorative applications because copper is easily discolored (the 10 yen coin is dark due to oxidation and dirt), but it is indispensable in the electronics field because of its good electrical and thermal conductivity.
Copper is excellent in electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, spreadability, and has a certain degree of strength and corrosion resistance.
Base plating of other metal plating.
Through hole and via hole plating of printed wiring board.
Manufacture of copper foil.
Plating example by METEK
Copper plating of diode and sensor hoop material.
Bits of knowledge
Many printed circuit boards are connected on both sides of the board, and the wiring patterns are stacked. A technology called “via fill” is used to fill the holes in the substrate with copper plating. If the plating inhibitor and accelerator are added to the copper sulfate plating additive, the current will increase, and if there is strong stirring, the plating will slow down due to the function of the inhibitor, making it difficult for the current to flow in holes, etc. In addition, since the accelerator works at a weakly stirred place, the plating growth is faster and the holes is filled.
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