Other plating
Here is an introduction to zinc plating, zinc chromate, solder plating, speculum alloy plating, and Sn-Co plating. As examples of environmentally friendly products, METEK offers plating processing such as lead-free plating, plating of Ni alternative speculum alloy, and plating of energy-saving related products (plating on high-brightness LED products, etc.). METEK may be able to cope with plating other than these, so please feel free to contact us.
Zinc plating
Zinc has a greater tendency to ionize than iron, so it preferentially corrodes itself. Therefore, it has the property of corrosion protection of iron

Applications : Iron, steel rust prevention, bolts, nuts, etc.
Zinc chromate
In order to further improve corrosion resistance, It is plating that chromate-treated to zinc plating.

Applications : Bolts, nuts, hinges, brackets, etc.
Solder plating
Solder plating can improve solderability. Lead-free Sn-Bi, Cu-Sn plating.

Applications : Semiconductor lead frame, etc.
Speculum alloy plating
Speculum alloy plating is an alloy plating of copper and tin. It has excellent corrosion resistance, has an appearance similar to Ni, and is used as a substitute for allergy control.

Applications : Water faucet fittings, clothing fittings, etc.
Sn-Co plating
Sn-Co plating is often used for decorative purposes. It has a silver-like color and excellent corrosion resistance.

Applications : Pen, fountain pen, etc.
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